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Russian masseuse Natasha


Hello All, My name is Natasha and I am 27 years old, passionate tantric masseuse from Russia. In fact, I like Nature and sea activities.

First of all, I am a stunning Russian beauty who leads a healthy lifestyle. Therefore fitness activities are an essential part of my life……to keep my body beautiful, muscles stronger, my ass firm, and for feeling my best overall.  Of course, physical exercises and workouts are part of my normal fitness regimen, but in my leisure time I also prefer physical activities. and for me, the best is Diving.

Diving is what I’m most fond of in my spare time. This is my wondrous way to stay fit. Water is for me is a beautiful infinity. Air, waves, the natural marine environment………pleases the eye and soul. A deep dive enthralls me with the beauty of the underwater world. This is little point in talking about that the depth size of the ocean makes your stagger.

Orchid on the rocks. Pure water. Spa


Something else that I need to comment on is that Bahamas, Australia and Egypt are my favourite places to dive with their crystal clear and warm water, coral reefs and fascinating marine life.  Under the sea you can’t  ride a sea turtle because this creature is on the UNESCO heritage list but you can interact with other inhabitants of the underwater environment. It is one of my most relaxing and rewarding ways of both having fun and keeping fit.
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Russian masseuse Sasha

Russian masseuse Sasha. Tantra massage Moscow. Tantric masseuse Shasha from Moscow Russian masseuse. Tantra massage Moscow Hello All, My name is Sasha. I’m a sensuous aspiring young actress & model and tantric masseuse who can convey a wide range of emotions and feelings. Besides, I love working in the film and television sphere and I …

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Russian masseuse Maria

Russian masseuse Maria Hello All, My name is Maria. I am a student living in Moscow and an open minded person.  Well, I like reading the history of Russian literature, history of Western literature, and writing tests for my performances at the University. Currently, I am finishing my coursework to get a diploma in international …