Hello All. My name is Selena and I offer to you body to body massage. Besides, I have a mysterious and feminine personality, and I am also a sweet, sexy blonde and just an angelic girl. At 18, I worked as a stripper at bachelor parties. And I was just trying to pose in a négligée for the cover of a Moscow magazine. But now I offer hotel massage sessions that allow you to relax. Moreover, Massage will bring pleasure, and also positively affect the body.
In fact, I like to rejoice if I feel that the male company enjoys my massage skills.

I don’t do anything half-heartedly. 60-minutes Luxe class massage program. For connoisseurs of a good holiday. Massage from head to toe, all areas. My method is my own. Everything is beautiful and tasteful!

I want to add that my clients say that in communication I am a responsive, sincere, active interlocutor. Also, my guests say that I am a talkative, inquisitive girl who loves her job. My clients appreciate my enthusiasm and conversational skills. I myself love to change, novelty, especially travel, and generous men. In working relationships, I can be called soft and accommodating.
The purpose of the massage is to relieve tension by acting on the muscles of the body, relaxing them. As you know if the muscles of the brain are relaxed, then our brain can relax. Besides, relaxation massage leads to complete relaxation of the muscles of the body and brain cells, and therefore to general relaxation. in fact, this is a wonderful relaxing treatment that will best prepare you for a hard day at work. Relaxing massage will prevent the development of all kinds of diseases that occur after nervous stress.
After a long day, I always try to do sports, for example, cycling really helps me to relax, take my mind off worries, and I like to swim to clear my mind.
My skills are incomparable, because I love what I do, and I love to see you enjoy this heavenly pleasure.



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