Hello All, My name is Nicole and I am a friendly Russian girl. By the way, I like Nature and I often go to Moscow countryside. Every time I travel there I am very delighted that people are able to see. Frankly speaking, The place I go to is abundant of luxuries landscapes. I like to observe the scenery so much that sometimes i notice I am simply gazing at everything around me. To cut it short, when I first came there my eyes were darting and I had to concentrate to take the view in. Every time I get back there one moment of scan is enough for me to recognise all this loveliness.

Russian masseuse Nicole from Moscow
Russian massage therapist

To tell the truth I am glad that people possess 5 general senses like sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. I wouldn’t be able to cope best without any of these senses. What can I say about hearing . “How nice to hear the singing of birds in the wood or the flocking notes of Chopin with whom my sweet lover introduced me one evening and then we spend gentle minutes together and the music was a cozy decoration for us”. Also, I am a tantric masseuse in Moscow. Book your special massage today.

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